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A Comprehensive Review of The Inner Circle in 2023: Is It Worth Trying?

  • The Inner Circle has a great selection of quality singles.
  • The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The Inner Circle offers lots of fun events to meet other members in person.
  • Limited to major cities, so not accessible to everyone.
  • Costly membership fee.
  • Too many fake profiles.
  • Small user base compared to other dating apps.
  • Unclear process for getting accepted into the app.

Are you ready to take your dating life to the next level? The Inner Circle is here to help! This exclusive dating app is shaking up the online dating scene with its unique approach. But does it really deliver on its promises? Is it worth the hype? Read on to find out!


Ugh, The Inner Circle. Talk about a waste of time and money! It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – sure, it looks better, but it’s still a pig. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the idea is nice – exclusive, high-quality dating. But in reality, it’s just another app with a bunch of people who aren’t serious about finding someone. And let’s not even talk about the price tag. Yikes! Bottom line: If you’re looking for something real, look elsewhere.

How Does The Inner Circle Work?

The Inner Circle is a dating app that offers an exclusive and selective membership. It was founded in 2012 with the goal of connecting like-minded, ambitious singles from around the world. The app has grown to over 1.5 million members in more than 80 countries. The Inner Circle’s mission is to create a safe and secure environment for its members to meet, connect, and find meaningful relationships.

The Inner Circle works by curating its members. Every member is carefully screened and approved by the team. This ensures that only quality singles are allowed to join the platform. Once accepted, members can access the app’s features, such as private events, group chats, and one-on-one dates.

The Inner Circle also provides its members with a unique matching system. Members can search for potential matches based on their interests, lifestyle, and preferences. The app also allows users to view each other’s profiles and photos before deciding if they want to connect.

In addition to providing a safe and secure environment for its members, The Inner Circle also offers a range of other services. These include personalised matchmaking, travel companionship, and exclusive discounts on luxury products and services.

Overall, The Inner Circle is an okay dating app but there are better alternatives available. While it does offer a curated selection of quality singles, its matching system is limited and its other features are somewhat basic.


The Inner Circle is a dating app that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is known for its selective membership process and its commitment to providing quality matches. While The Inner Circle does not have a website version, there are some possible reasons why this may be the case.

The Inner Circle was designed as an app from the start, so it makes sense that the company would focus on developing the app rather than creating a website. This allows them to take advantage of features that are only available on mobile devices, such as push notifications and location-based services. Additionally, the app is optimized for mobile use, making it easier and more convenient for users to access their account.

The Inner Circle also focuses on providing quality matches, which is something that can be difficult to achieve with a website. By using the app, users can quickly and easily filter through potential matches based on criteria such as age, interests, and location. This makes it easier for users to find someone who they are compatible with.

Finally, The Inner Circle’s app has many features that are not available on the website. These include the ability to send messages, view profiles, and upload photos. Additionally, the app also has a social aspect, allowing users to connect with other members and join events.

Overall, The Inner Circle does not have a website version. However, this is likely due to the fact that the app provides users with a better experience and more features than a website could offer. The Inner Circle’s app is optimized for mobile use and provides users with quality matches, making it the ideal platform for finding love.

Design & Usability

The Inner Circle has a modern and sleek design, with its bright white background and dark blue accents. It has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate the site. The main page is divided into several sections, each of which provides access to different features. On the top right corner of the page, there is a search bar, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. The menu on the left side of the page allows users to access their profile, messages, notifications, settings, and more.

The Inner Circle also offers some additional features if you purchase a paid subscription. These include an improved UI, such as a larger profile picture, more detailed profiles, and easier navigation. There is also a premium version that includes additional features, such as unlimited messaging and advanced search filters.

Overall, The Inner Circle’s design and usability are quite good. However, there are still some areas that could be improved. For example, the loading times could be faster, and the search bar could be more intuitive. Additionally, the menu could be simplified, so that users can quickly find what they are looking for.

In conclusion, The Inner Circle has a modern and sleek design, with a user-friendly interface. It offers additional features if you purchase a paid subscription, such as an improved UI and advanced search filters. However, there are still some areas that could be improved, such as faster loading times and a more intuitive search bar.

Signing up

The Inner Circle is a dating app that requires users to register before they can access its features. The registration process is straightforward and easy to complete.

To start, users must first visit the website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. This will bring them to a page where they are asked to enter their name, email address, date of birth, gender, and location. Once all the required information has been entered, users must agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy before clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Once the sign-up process is complete, users will be asked to verify their email address by clicking on a link sent to their inbox. After verifying their email address, users will be asked to upload a profile picture and fill out a short bio. This is an optional step, but it is recommended in order to get the most out of the app.

After completing the profile setup, users will be asked to answer a few questions about themselves, such as their interests, lifestyle, and preferences. This helps the app match users with compatible people. Once this step is complete, users will be able to access the app and start browsing for potential matches.

The minimum age requirement to register on The Inner Circle is 18 years old. The registration process is free and does not require any payment information.

Overall, the registration process on The Inner Circle is relatively simple and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to complete and does not require any payment information. Once the registration process is complete, users can start using the app and searching for potential matches.

  • These are the requirements to register on The Inner Circle:
  • A valid email address
  • An active phone number
  • A profile picture
  • A short bio
  • Your age and gender
  • Your location

The Inner Circle features

The Inner Circle is a platform that offers both free and paid features. Free features include creating a profile, browsing profiles, and sending messages to other users. Paid features allow users to access additional features such as unlimited messaging, seeing who has liked their profile, and the ability to filter search results. The Inner Circle also offers unique features such as the ‘Date Experience’ which allows users to plan an event or activity with other members of the platform.

The Inner Circle offers two subscription plans: one month for $7.99 per month, and three months for $5.99 per month. Both subscription plans provide access to all of the platform’s features, including the ‘Date Experience’. Subscribers can also purchase additional add-ons such as the ‘Premium Pass’ which provides access to exclusive events and activities.

The Inner Circle also offers a ‘VIP Membership’ which grants access to exclusive benefits such as priority customer service, priority listing in search results, and access to exclusive events. The VIP Membership costs $9.99 per month and requires a minimum commitment of three months.

The Inner Circle also offers discounts for longer subscription periods. For example, users can save up to 40% on a six-month subscription. Additionally, users can take advantage of promotional offers such as the ‘Double Your Chances’ promotion which gives users two months of free access when they sign up for a three-month subscription.

Overall, The Inner Circle offers a range of features and pricing options that make it an attractive option for those looking for a dating app. It offers both free and paid features, as well as unique features such as the ‘Date Experience’. It also offers discounts for longer subscription periods and promotional offers.

  • Verified profiles
  • Real-time messaging
  • Hosted events
  • Offline meetups
  • Advanced filtering options

Help & Support

The Inner Circle is a dating app that provides users with access to a wide range of features and services. To ensure users have the best experience possible, The Inner Circle offers a comprehensive support system.

Users can access support from The Inner Circle in several ways. First, they can use the app’s in-app chat feature to contact customer service representatives directly. This is usually the quickest way to get help, as the response time is usually very fast.

Second, users can visit The Inner Circle’s website to find answers to frequently asked questions. The website contains detailed information about the app’s features and services, as well as helpful troubleshooting tips.

Third, users can contact The Inner Circle via email or phone. While this method may take longer than using the in-app chat feature, it is still an effective way to get help. The Inner Circle’s customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns users may have.

Finally, users can also reach out to The Inner Circle on social media. The Inner Circle has active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and users can send messages to the company through these platforms.

Overall, The Inner Circle provides users with multiple options for accessing support. From in-app chat to social media, there are plenty of ways to get help when needed. Additionally, The Inner Circle’s customer service team is highly responsive and knowledgeable, so users can rest assured that their questions and concerns will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of the utmost importance when it comes to online dating. The Inner Circle is no exception, and takes measures to ensure its users are protected from malicious actors.

The Inner Circle has implemented a verification process for its users, requiring them to provide proof of identity before they can access the app. This helps to ensure that all users are genuine, and not bots or fake accounts. Furthermore, The Inner Circle also offers a two-step verification option, which adds an extra layer of security to the user’s account.

The Inner Circle also manually reviews all photos uploaded by users, ensuring that no inappropriate content is shared on the platform. In addition, the app has a strict privacy policy, which outlines how user data is collected, stored, and used.

While The Inner Circle does have safety and security measures in place, there are still some areas that could be improved. For example, the app could implement additional measures to protect against phishing attacks, such as using email authentication or adding CAPTCHA codes to sign up forms. Additionally, The Inner Circle could introduce a system to detect and block suspicious activity, such as sending out too many messages in a short period of time. Finally, the app could also add a feature to allow users to report suspicious behaviour or accounts.

Overall, The Inner Circle takes safety and security seriously, with a range of measures in place to protect its users. However, there are still some areas where the app could improve its security measures.

User Profiles

The Inner Circle user profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone using the app. While users can set a custom bio, they are required to provide basic information such as age, gender, and location. Location info is visible on each profile, but it is possible to hide it from other users if desired. There is no indication of the distance between users, making it difficult to know how far away potential matches may be.

Premium subscribers receive additional benefits when it comes to their profile, such as increased visibility and access to exclusive events. Premium members also have the ability to see who has liked them and can view profiles anonymously.

There are very few fake profiles on The Inner Circle, as the app verifies every user’s identity before allowing them to join. This ensures that only real people are using the app, making it easier to find genuine connections.

One area where The Inner Circle could improve is in its search filters. Currently, users can only filter by age, gender, and location, which makes it difficult to narrow down potential matches. It would be beneficial to add more options such as hobbies, interests, and lifestyle preferences.

Overall, The Inner Circle provides an easy-to-use platform for finding potential dates. With its public profiles, premium subscription benefits, and low number of fake accounts, it is a great option for those looking for a genuine connection.


The Inner Circle is a dating app that offers a paid subscription service. The pricing structure is quite straightforward, with three options: one month for $19.99, three months for $39.99, and six months for $59.99. These prices are competitive compared to other dating apps on the market.

Users can use The Inner Circle without paying, but the experience is limited. Without a paid subscription, users cannot access features such as seeing who has liked their profile, seeing who has viewed their profile, or messaging other users. A paid subscription unlocks these features, making it easier to find potential matches.

Overall, The Inner Circle’s pricing structure is reasonable and competitive. It offers a great value for money, allowing users to unlock features that make it easier to find potential matches.

Subscription Price Features
1 Month $19.99 Access to all members, unlimited likes, access to events and parties
3 Months $39.99 Access to all members, unlimited likes, access to events and parties, priority profile visibility
6 Months $59.99 Access to all members, unlimited likes, access to events and parties, priority profile visibility, exclusive access to VIP events

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to The Inner Circle dating app include Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid. These apps provide users with a variety of features and matchmaking options to help them find the perfect date.

  • Elite Singles
  • eHarmony
  • Raya
  • Bumble
  • The League

Best for

  • Best for people looking for serious relationships.
  • Best for busy professionals who don’t have the time to go out and meet potential partners.
  • Best for those who want to meet like-minded individuals in a safe and secure environment.

How we reviewed The Inner Circle

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a deep dive into The Inner Circle to review it. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app, spending time sending messages to other users – we sent over 100 messages in total, over the course of 10 days. We also took the time to test out the features of the app, from creating our profile to searching for potential matches. We tested out the messaging system, how quickly people responded, and the quality of the conversations we had. We also looked at the user interface, how easy it was to navigate, and if there were any bugs or glitches.

To make sure our review was as comprehensive as possible, we also read through user reviews and feedback from other sites, and looked at the app’s customer service and support. We also spent time looking at the privacy settings and security measures in place to protect users. Finally, we took a look at the app’s pricing plans and compared them to other similar apps on the market.

Our commitment to this review sets us apart from other review sites that don’t offer such in-depth reviews. We wanted to make sure we gave an honest and unbiased opinion of The Inner Circle, so we took the time to test out every aspect of the app and compare it to other dating apps.


1. How does The Inner Circle website work?

The Inner Circle website is just another dating app that requires you to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and then they match you with people who fit your profile. It’s not the most efficient way to find someone and it can be quite time consuming. Plus, the matches don’t always turn out to be great.

2. Is The Inner Circle worth the money?

I wouldn’t say The Inner Circle is worth the money. It’s not really any different from other dating apps, and it’s definitely overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend it.

3. What are The Inner Circle alternatives?

The Inner Circle isn’t the only game in town. There are plenty of other dating apps out there, so you don’t have to stick with this one. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it – there are much better alternatives.

4. Can you send messages for free on The Inner Circle?

No, you can’t send messages for free on The Inner Circle. It’s a paid subscription service and you have to pay to access the messaging feature. Not cool.


Overall, The Inner Circle is not a good option for online dating. It is an expensive app that requires extensive registration and verification processes. It also has a limited user base and is only available in certain cities. Additionally, the app does not prioritize safety and security as much as other dating apps do. The Inner Circle is targeting more affluent users who are looking for a more exclusive experience. However, this exclusivity comes at a price, both financially and in terms of privacy. Ultimately, it is not worth the investment for most people.

James Campbell

James Campbell is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. He's passionate about the world of digital romance and enjoys writing reviews on various dating sites and apps to help people make informed decisions when it comes to their romantic lives. Originally from Chicago, James attended Northwestern University where he earned his degree in Communications with a focus on Digital Media & Marketing Strategies. After college, he moved out west and began working as an independent consultant specializing in online marketing strategies for small businesses throughout California’s Silicon Valley region. During this time, James developed a keen interest in the emerging field of internet-based matchmaking services which eventually led him back east to pursue further studies at Harvard Business School focusing specifically on Online Dating Industry Trends & Analysis. Upon completing his MBA program at Harvard, James launched into full-time consulting work related directly to assisting individuals navigate through the complexities of modern day courtship via web based platforms such as Match or Tinder - ultimately leading him down the path towards becoming one of today’s most sought after experts within this rapidly growing industry sector! His mission is simple: To provide users with honest assessments that can help them choose wisely when selecting potential partners while also providing valuable insight into how best utilize these new technologies so they can maximize their chances for success!

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